Shopping in Italy, France and England with a Stylist and a Personal Shopper

Do you want to go shopping in Italy, France or England, and

  • would you like to only visit the most beneficial shopping sites?
  • you don’t know how to find Armani, D&G and Prada for half a price?
  • you wouldn’t want to go to the sites visited by everyone?
  • you would like to combine shipping with changing your style?
  • you don’t know a foreign language?

Style Hunters Agency offers you services on shopping in Italy, France and England with a personal stylist or a shopping assistant in the following cities:

Milan, London, Paris, Venice, Rimini, San Marino, Marque, Bologna, Rome, Florence, Torino, Napoli.

Our agency employs the most professional and experienced stylists and shopping assistants, both foreign and Russian speaking, living and working in Italy, France and England.

You may choose, how your shopping will go abroad:

  • Shopping support with a Russian or a foreign stylist;
  • Support with an assistant shopper;
  • Long-distance shopping without travelling abroad;
  • Wholesale purchases for a shop.

Stylist will

  • Make up a shopping route in a chosen city;
  • Go shopping with you, help you pick things in accordance with your style;
  • Consult you on image, style, fashion tendencies, collections of famous and little-known designers.

Shopping Assistant will

  • Make up a shopping route in a chosen city, help you contact factories, shops and outlets;
  • Go shopping with you;
  • Serve as your translator in shops.

We keep a close eye on the latest changes in fashion collections, boutiques, shops, outlets in Italy, France and England, therefore we’ll be able to find anything for you, from a Prada handbag at the best price in the country to an ostrich raincoat.