Long-Distance Wholesale Purchases in Italy

If for some reason you can’t go do wholesale purchases in Italy personally, we offer to organize a long-distance purchasing for you.

Package of long-distance purchasing services includes:

  • Search and selection of brands of clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories to purchase;
  • Organization of long-distance communications with factories and warehouses: request of catalogues, price lists; placing orders for collections;
  • Tracking the order completion, coordination of various matters with a factory;
  • Support in organization of shipping and customs clearance of things to your country, coordination of matters with a transportation company;
  • Long-distance order is possible by catalogues as well as using the video-transaction via the Skype;
  • Minimal long-distance purchase shall be no less than €1’000.

Price of the service package — €250.

How does long-distance purchasing work?

  1. You select a brand to order;
  2. Next we send you factory catalogues and price-lists;
  3. You place an order and pay for our services;
  4. Our shopper places an order at the factory, factory produces an invoice for payment;
  5. You pay for the things directly to the factory’s account by wire transfer from your Russian bank;
  6. Factory ships your order;
  7. Shopper organizers a transportation company to pick up your order, complete customs procedures both in Italy and in your country, and delivers it to you;
  8. You pay for the delivery by wire transfer or in cash upon receipt of your order.

Cost of delivery depends on a city.

For example, in Moscow or St. Petersburg shipping plus customs clearance will cost €14/€15 per kg (term of delivery is 10 to 14 days).

In order for us to start picking brands for long distance purchasing, please leave us  a request here —>