Shopping in Venice

We offer you to go shopping with a stylist in Venice and Veneto region.

Shopping takes place in boutiques, outlets (trade centers with year-round discounts), spaccios (shops at manufacturing factories).

You can shop for the following:

  • First and second lines of luxury designer collections of the current season;
  • Collections of luxury designers from past seasons with 30% to 70% discounts;
  • Collections of famous casual designers from past seasons with 30% to 70% discounts (clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories);
  • Clothing, shoes, accessories from little-known Italian designers;
  • Designer fur coats from mink, sable, fox, chinchilla.

Stylist provides you the following services:

  • Develops a shopping route;
  • Goes shopping with you;
  • Helps you pick things in accordance with your style;
  • Consults you on style, fashion tendencies, collections of famous and little-known Italian designers;
  • Corrects your style, if necessary;
  • Translates for you in shops.